Belmont St, Alexandria

The proposed residential development aims to respond to the local context and preserve the historical value of the existing building, by providing a mixture of residential typologies including 3-level terrace-type dwellings, double-storey apartment homes and single level apartment dwellings.

The development also aims to activate design-interest in regards to adaptive-reuse architecture in the surrounding area. This design pattern is reflected in PBD’s approach to retain partial of the existing fabric and internal structure, to preserve the spatial dimensionality and previous use of the site.

Furthermore colour and material selections have been made to create interesting and consistent building language throughout the development. It aims to provide a strong visual link from the street, for the residents, visitors and pedestrians.

  • Description:

    4x 2-bedroom apartments, 4x 3-bedroom terrace dwellings and 15x 3-bedroom apartments.

  • Services:

    Concept Design, Design Development & DA