Coterie, Crows Nest

The interior spaces of Coterie are an extension of the major concepts contained in the architecture. The overall palette is nuanced and textured with less contrast compared to the exterior. High quality timber flooring, textural 100% wool carpets and bull-nosed stone detailing elevate the interiors. Curved elements referencing the architecture, are found on the curved polyurethane island bench and bathroom vanities, exhibit both function and refined form. Terrazzo floors, and paneled wall cladding, combine with residential style light fittings and finely crafted signage to signal this building’s ambition to be boutique and unique.

  • Description:

    18 Apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/ DA, Marketing, Interior Design, CC/ CD

The thoughtful detailing of key elements and touch-points bring a level of finish usually seen in single residential dwellings