Freshwater Sands, Freshwater

Freshwater Sands architectural style really reflects the beachside setting through the conscious choice of material and material. Building articulation and detailing have been integrated within the treatment of the design to reflect the beach side culture of the locality. With a complete north facing façade, Freshwater Sands consists of 1600 sqm of retail space, 1200 sqm of commercial area and 19 Residential apartments. It was designed to activate the street frontage, engaging fully with the community by introducing al fresco dining area along the northern façade. A careful composition of building elements ensures this development will contribute to the village centre’s identity, providing a cohesive visual appearance whilst maintaining the small-scale village typography of the immediate context.

  • Description:

    19 Apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Architectural Design/ DA

It was designed to activate the street frontage