George St Hotel

Lying within the ‘Haymarket’ district at the southern end of Sydney CBD this impressive 15 storey 127 room hotel is nestled behind a heritage façade puts forward retail and food outlets reinforcing the commercial nature of the street. The hotel proposal takes the opportunity to restore the existing heritage façade of 750-750A George St to its original condition and breathing new life into the streetscape.

The tower form is informed by the solid-to-void relationship of the existing heritage facades, the podium aligns itself across both buildings to create a continuous streetscape continuing from 744 George St to 750 George St. A 2m setback void behind the existing heritage façade to 750 George St creates a buffer to the heritage façade and creates a sunny light well bringing natural light into the hotel rooms below. Along the new podium a complementary warm marble/sandstone materiality reinterprets the classic sandstone finish to provide a subtle setting from where the building can be appreciated.

A carefully articulated recess identifies the entry point to the hotel lobby. Floor to floor glass runs up the entire entry recess to give a visible indicator of occupancy and activity, as well as tying in the old and new portion of the podium. Retail levels on first floor through to basement activate the street.

The proposal features an intricate pattern of precast concrete panels with treated metal cladding - embodying the material qualities and spirit of the neighbouring heritage library building. Breaking down the massing of the building, the pattern of alternating textured concrete and metal panels is inspired by the pattern of stacked library bookshelves acknowledging the Haymarket Library next door, giving the building visual interest and a subdued yet unmistakable landmark on George Street.

  • Description:

    127 Rooms

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/ DA

  • Longlisted in WAN Awards 2016:

The intricate pattern of precast concrete with treated metal cladding, embodying the material qualities and spirit of the neighboring heritage library building