Greenknowe Avenue, Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay was formerly comprised of an estate of colonial mansions, and so the subject site was home to the Greenknowe Villa and later to the Country Women’s Association building. Remnants of 19th century together with the influences from Artdeco era has turned the precinct into a well-established heritage conservation area with great cultural significance for the city. Although the lot has not been listed as an heritage item, the strong historical influences have briefed the composition and materiality of the proposal.

The apparent dynamic form, of the curves juxtaposed to the angles, has been informed by offering protection from undesired vistas to neighbouring properties and in turn opens up sightlines over the nearby John Armstrong Reserve and glimpses over the bay. Moreover, the cascading built form of these sculptured bays, suggest a contemporary take on the Streamline Moderne era.

A carefully selected material palette of natural toned brickwork, off-form concrete and blackened steel suggest the use of traditional building materials into a contemporary coherence. These natural materials together with the extensive use of landscaping will be complimented by the ravages of time.

The inhabitants of the 30 spacious luxury apartments will have the opportunity to enjoy multiple communal open space areas throughout the different levels of the development. The units are pragmatically planned and are readily exposed to the elements; Biophilia, natural light and ventilation which have been the drivers for creating this high amenity development.

  • Description:

    30 apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept Design and DA