Mosman Bay Collection

Introducing Mosman Bay, a collection of 5 harbourfront penthouses.

Designed by our team, the proposed development is inspired by Mosman Bay rich's history and neighbouring Federation era homes. The predominant character of hip and gable roofs along the streetscape has been incorporated in the single storey facade on Lower Boyle Street.

Our team carefully considered all elements to ensure the continuity of the historical character of the area, yet incorporating a contemporary design and material selection. It is this balanced palette of materials and well-proportioned building from that will ensure a sophisticated integration of the building into the existing context.

The rear elevation facing Mosman Bay presents as a tiered 3-storey building with the lowest parking level nestled into the existing typography.

The proposed development mimics the proportion and breaks of the surrounding context. The elevations have been designed to respond to the local context, focusing on the dominate views available towards the foreshore.

  • Description:

    5 harbourfront penthouses

  • Construction Value:


  • Services provided:

    Concept, Architectural, DA, Interior Design