Parramatta Road, Camperdown

The mixed-use development is located on the corner of Parramatta Road and Layton Street. The six storey development comprises of 30 apartments, open communal spaces and retail spaces. The architectural style of the development features a restrained palette of off-form concrete, composite panel cladding and rendered walls, as well as screens and battens for an elegant finish. The development is designed to respond to both the desired character of the area and the existing context, which is characterised by new residential developments, Victorian Terrace House and Industrial warehouses. Furthermore, the north facing orientation and configuration of the site, is designed to maximise and ensure adequate access to daylight.

  • Description:

    30 apartments, 2 retail spaces and 1 level of parking

  • Construction Value:

    $10.8 Mil

  • Services Provided:

    Concept Design and DA Submission