Salisbury Rd, Camperdown

Designed by PBD Architects, the development proposes to preserve and enhance the existing single storey warehouse fa├žade. The overarching idea is to pay homage to the historical value of the estate, and represent a key period in the history and character of the locality by preserving the current form of the building.

The development proposes 16 dwellings to be built to seamlessly fit in the current terrace typology of the neighbourhood. Communal open spaces have been thoughtfully integrated into the design to allow light and natural ventilation. Furthermore materials and finishes have been chosen such as metal roof sheeting, metal cladding and re-used existing brickwork to enhance the existing warehouse architectural significance.

  • Description:

    16 terrace dwellings

  • Construction:

    Approx. $6.18 Mil

  • Services Provided:

    Design and DA