Scenic, Rockdale

Located approximately 550m east of Rockdale train station, the site consists of a 9-storey residential apartment building with a total of 60 apartment units. The Scenic is elevated towards the North-West; not only allowing spectacular view towards Sydney sky-line to be achieved, but also maximizing natural sunlight and cross ventilation. With a striking façade, the scale and bulk of the built form is broken down by the use of both dark and light color renders proportioned frames. A careful composition of massing and detailing, building elements, textures, materials and colors contribute to the consideration of scale within the building design – the interplay of these ensure the building merges subtly into the surrounding scenery.

  • Description:

    60 Apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/ DA, Interior Design

The contemporary architectural style of the building offers a sense of prestige and lifestyle