Schofields Redevelopment

The development proposal consists of 9 buildings with a total of 651 apartments on a site area of 4.924 ha. The proposal responds to the future growth center locality and is consistent with the future urban form for the precinct. The buildings linked by stepped landscaped courtyards on ground level and two levels of underground car parking in three separate basements. Each of the buildings is characterized by its articulated form, corner balconies and balcony projections, with 3 storey facadeā€framing, vertical blade walls, glazing and metal screening elements reducing its bulk and creating a visual division within the building form as well as providing a more human scale.

  • Description:

    49,240 sqm, 651 Apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/ DA, Interior Design, Marketing

It is consistent with the future urban form for the precinct