St Leonards South Design Competition

The residential development provides high density urban housing and comprises 246 apartments on a site area of 6688sqm. With a high emphasis on community, central open space has been used to explore public open space with landscaped seating, water features, paved areas, lawn courts, passive seating areas, with meandering pathways forming strong connections to the pedestrian laneway through the site. Each of the three buildings is characterized by its articulated form, corner balconies and balcony projections, with 8 storey facade-framing, vertical blade walls, glazing and metal screening elements reducing its bulk and creating a visual division within the building form as well as providing a more human scale.

  • Description:

    6688sqm, 246 Apartments

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  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Design Competition

Public central open space with landscaped seating, water features, lawn courts, has formed strong connections to the high emphasis on community.