Sydney Road, Seaforth

The Sydney Road project is a shop top housing development with commercial and retail spaces on the ground floor, and 5 apartments above. It is a development that is designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing neighbourhood and respond to the needs of the subject site and immediate locality.

The proposed building has a modern and clean aesthetic, mixture of hard and soft surfaces, light and dark colours. It adopts a series of elegantly curved solid walls along Sydney Road, creating a frame to the horizontal branding defining the residential balconies. The building also features a landscaped screen central to the street frontage, providing an architectural feature to break down the fa├žade of the building. The overall design palette creates an articulated aesthetic, and makes a design statement to the streetscape as a modern mixed building.

  • Description:

    2 Commercial/Retail Suites and 5 Apartments

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design, Section 4.55 and Interior Design