Telopea Urban Renewal Masterplan

Telopea is located within Sydney’s Global Economic Corridor – the hub of economic activity stretching from Port Botany and Sydney Airport to Parramatta, Norwest and Sydney Olympic Park. This area is currently, and will continue to, undergo significant change and renewal as industries move out of this area of Sydney providing the opportunity for new homes, jobs and community facilities between Sydney and Parramatta CBDs.

The Telopea master plan area is based on an 800m radius east of the existing heavy rail station. With a total of 1400 existing dwellings that are a mix of medium rise apartments, dwellings houses, high rise apartments and townhouses, it is estimated that Telopea could deliver between 3500-4500 new dwellings by 2036.

With a focus on improving permeability, new connections across the rail corridor has been introduced. The tallest building will be focused opposite the light rail stop and transitioned appropriately within the core to facilitate the renewal of the denser and aged social housing stock. The transitioning of building heights, together with the topography, will provide a clear urban structure focused on the station and core, and facilitate good solar access and views.

  • Description:

    3500-4500 Dwellings

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    Concept, Feasibility

‘The masterplan will foster the long-term growth of a vibrant, cohesive and safe neighborhood.’