Tilia, Lindfield

Working within the classic contemporary architectural language that local buyers appreciate, this pocket of the North Shore definitely has a certain vernacular. Using familiar, understated exterior materials and tones such as shades warm white and grey, Tilia sits seamlessly within its leafy context. Focusing on the connection between the inside and outside of the building, Tilia is taking advantage of the treetop views and northern orientation, with the existing green backdrop informing the design. The attention to detail is evident right down to the smallest element.

Combining an enduring tasteful neutral colour palette with prestige features and beautiful materials, Tilia by Poly is an exude of contemporary interpretation of provincial country style elements with a flawless fusion of functionality and style. Engineered timber floor, refined custom joinery and rich 100% wool carpet bring warmth and luxury to the space. The apartments’ generous open-plan layouts and extensive use of floor to ceiling glass allows natural light to stream in and the idyllic green backdrop to take centre stage.

  • Construction Value:

    Estimated $26 mil

  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/DA, Interior Design