Wongala Crescent, Beecroft

The development on 5 Wongala Crescent in Beecroft, proposes the construction of a 6-storey mixed-use building comprising of 34 units and 2 retail premises.

The proposal has been designed to respond to the context and neighbourhood's character by reflecting the previous subdivision pattern of the site. The proposed podium design mimics the language by breaking down the long façade with the introduction of vertical elements.

The design approach adopts a modest strategy to use light-coloured modern bricks as the main palette with a touch of elegant, medium-toned metal trims to break down the solidity of the brick and express the simplicity of design and typical floor plates. It's this interplay in texture for the brickwork that creates a unique aesthetic and depth to the building articulation.

  • Description:

    34 units comprising of  4 x 1-bedroom, 23 x 2-bedroom, 7 x 3-bedroom and 2 retail spaces

  • Services Provided:

    Design Concept & DA