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Brookhollow Avenue





Merc Capital

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Dharug Nation

Brookhollow Avenue Norwest, the design proposal introduced a forecourt and 2-storey commercial presence on the North East corner of the site, engaging with the future plaza and rail station on the opposing side of Brookhollow Avenue.

The mixed-used development consisting of a six podium structures for commercial use, including some retail and the Mullhane’s Norwest Hotel at ground level. Three slender residential towers are proposed above the six commercial podium structures.

In order to find a harmonious connection between the commercial podiums and the residential towers above them, certain corners where the tower meets the podium are aligned vertically to form a natural sinuous connection between the two.
Subtle fluid curved connections
Edges of the facades provide a transition between the podiums and the towers and a softening its edges and promotes a sense of slenderness. Connecting secondary screening elements to every second level of the tower promotes a sense of verticality whilst visually reducing the scale of the built-form.

Facade details in the tower accentuate every second storey to create a better sense of proportion to the tower, maintaining an enhanced sense of verticality. Subtle fluid curved connections and edges of the facades provide a transition between the podiums and the towers and a softening its edges.
Internal street as a circulation spine
Creating a permeable streetscape using activated laneways that draw pedestrians into the public realm of the ground floor plane. The design intends to create a connection between the development and transit nodes and a “fine-grained” network of pedestrian routes through the precinct itself, highly permeable and rich in urban experience, creating a people-centred, pedestrian-friendly hub, providing enhanced connectivity and easy access to the train station.