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Eora Nation

The development consists of a 7 apartments, made up of 4 3 bedroom and 3 penthouses. The site consists of an irregularly shaped allotment, where attention had been made to retain and develop the existing sandstone wall along it's front, in order to preserve a unique identity to the Edgecliff streetscape and local character.

The built form is defined by a series of vertical blades which are angled to be parallel with the side boundaries and spaced with consideration to visual proportions. The articulation to the built form further informs the
use of materials, giving a distinction between the perimeter planter zones and light-coloured horizontal slab expressions, with the masonry cladded blade walls are used as a unifying element to the upper and lower levels of the building.
Drawing upon the unique ecological character of Edgecliff
A close collaboration with renowned landscape architect Myles Baldwin has resulted in a synthesis of building design and it's natural surroundings.

The landscape draws upon the area, presenting an aesthetic that has a consistent language and connection with the existing local native environment. This allows a gentle softening of the building into the wider streetscape whilst still expressing character.

A selection of textures and colours, stone cladding, timber battens and metallic trims allow an intended relationship with the local surroundings.