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Emerald City Green Square






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Eora Nation

Emerald City is the name of the proposed mixed-use development at 296 – 298 Botany Road & 284 Wyndham Street in Alexandria. In collaboration with Andrew Burns Architecture, our entry was presented to the City of Sydney as part of a competitive design process for the site next to Green Square town centre.

The proposal comprises of a series of slender tower-forms arising from a topographic landscape layer. The predetermined podium design by SJB has informed this landscape cloak and works as a mediator between the two design proposals in both form and function. The integration of communal facilities, car and bicycles parking, private open spaces and commercial tenancies into the landscape layers contributes to amenity while further reinforcing the concept.

Emphasis lies within the pragmatic apartment planning in the towers above and the shift in volumes result in a dynamic silhouette. This is our idea of formalizing the future of Green Square.
Integrating tower and podium into a cohesive whole
The proposal seeks to morph a two dimensional podium silhouette into a sculptural, programmable landscape deck. In order to achieve integration, all elements of the architectural and landscape design of the tower are derived to some extent from the podium, translated into a dynamic, contemporary tower form.

The podium serves to transition between the retail groundplane podium and the tower forms of the proposal. Landscape is essential to this approach, softening the transition, responding to the topographic intent of the podium and presenting substantial landscape volume to the Green Square context, recalling the site history of wetlands and sedges.
"Green leaves spilling over sandstone walls, blue water lapping at the sides of ferries. Flame trees, jacaranda, heavy rain, bright sun”
Emerald City, David Williamson 1987